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Removal of Judgements and Debt Review


Knowing how to successfully manage one’s finances is not a skill that comes naturally to most people. In fact, more often than not, South African consumers will find themselves stuck in a hard place between expectant creditors, mounting bills and a poor repayment history resulting in legal action from creditors that will negatively impact their financial future.

The dreaded debt trap goes beyond short-paying your creditors. There are lasting effects that include obtaining bad credit and ITC scores and credit judgements. Always be mindful that a poor ITC score serves as a warning to creditors that you are not a reliable lender. At Ayoba Loans, we understand the impact of a bad credit rating and can help improve your financial standing by removing judgements and debt review flags from your name. Our team will offer a customised plan to help you bring all arrears and default payments up to date, liaise with your credit providers to remove the judgements and handle the necessary steps to have you removed from debt review.

At Ayoba Loans, our expert team has a history and reputation for assisting South African consumers through lawful and transparent processes. By assisting with the removal of judgements and debt review flags from your financial profile, Ayoba Loans can help you improve your credit score, which goes a long way in obtaining ITC clearance. Whether you are interested in purchasing a home, a car or signing up for a credit card, ITC clearance is a must to secure trustworthy loans from reputable lenders.

To ensure trustworthy and transparent service that gets results, Ayoba Loans will evaluate your personal credit status report, collect and evaluate relevant ITC reports (that will be supplied to you and relevant attorneys), ensure the removal of judgements and debt review flags and provide you with a formal quotation outlining what you will need to pay to achieve ITC clearance. Please note that an upfront and non-refundable payment of R500 will be required before any work can commence.

Although your Ayoba Loans team will do all they can to assist you in improving your credit standing, you will be still be solely responsible for paying off your existing debts even though you may qualify for new loans. It is up to you to lend responsibly and always ensure that you can afford your monthly repayments or else risk falling under debt review once again.

While credit judgements and debt review may have limited your chances to qualify for reputable loans in the past, it does not have to dictate your financial future. Ayoba Loans can assist in helping you to clear your financial name and get your life back on track.