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Clearance Certificate


For those caught in the nasty grips of debt, overcoming these trials are paramount to financial freedom. There are various options available to consumers who are over indebted or can no longer manage the many debts in their name each month. We specialize in ITC Clearance and Credit Clearance and can also help you to attain a Clearance Certificate, which serves to present your clear credit status once all unsecured debt in your name is fully paid up.

Our team of experts can assist you in clearing your name of judgements and defaults which resulted from poor payments in the past – unfortunately, a history of bad payments has a way of lingering on your name for a long time. Having a bad credit record can affect you in many ways as you move forward and begin to develop a better relationship with money – you may wish to purchase a vehicle or a home, and will struggle to qualify for proper financing unless you’re able to provide a clearance certificate that shows your debts are paid off. Whether you’re blacklisted or on your way to becoming blacklisted, your finances do not need to get there better of you – taking control and getting back on your feet is easy with Ayoba Loans.

If you are a South African consumer with a total sum of debt which is less than R30 000, our professional and comprehensive ITC Clearance service could prove highly beneficial, after which you will receive a new and updated Credit Report, as well as a debt Clearance Certificate. If you are in the process of Debt Review, then first continue through this and check in with Ayoba Loans if you require additional assistance afterwards. Our services are based on your limitations in terms of your affordability, as well as your personal credit status report.

While our Ayoba Loans ITC Clearance service will clear your name, better your credit score and provide you with a Clearance Certificate, it is still up to you to manage payments to your existing debtors, either once off or over a specific timeframe. If your creditors need to phone you with regards to late or missed payments, or any other concerns relating to your financial liability, then they may still continue to do so. This is why we advise our client’s to focus on paying off all their existing debts, rather than attaining new loans and financial aid, even though they will be free to do so.

Making better decisions about when to go into debt can massively improve your standing with money, and will likely decrease your chances of falling into a debt trap again, where your credit score could suffer further. Trust our Ayoba Loans team to guide you towards financial freedom, starting with a clear credit report and a Clearance Certificate.