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ITC How ITC Clearance Helps You


Without ITC Clearance, it can be hard to better your life by attaining credit to buy a property, a vehicle or even to advance the education of yourself or your children. A bad credit profile can hinder your financial freedom incredibly, even as a consumer who is actively paying off your outstanding debts to the best of your ability. This is because most credit and service providers will first assess your credit report, as well as any judgements and debt review flags on your name, before considering loaning you money.

A poor ITC score serves as a warning sign to lenders when you apply for financial assistance, and will most likely put a dent in your plans to acquire a loan for an important purchase. A creditor will be able to tell from your credit report if you are a bad payer and can compare you with other consumers with similar income and expenses - a risk score will then be associated with your name.

So, how can ITC Clearance Help you?

If you meet the criteria and are open to working with our Ayoba Loans team, we canprovide you with a credit solution suited to your exact requirements. We will also help you to structure your budget according to the debts you owe, allowing you to better manage your monthly financial obligations. Once we have assessed the details of your personal credit status report, a cost is presented to you payable once-off or through an upfront payment, which will allow us to clear your name on ITC. How you pay this amount back is up to you, however your affordability, income and expenses will factor into this.

ITC Clearance helps you by giving you a second chance. Your name will be cleared and your credit report will no longer reflect poorly on your financial capabilities, so that you can start again with a clear credit score. With this newfound financial independence, you are more likely to be successful in increasing your credit limits, and should find it less challenging to apply for credit cards, store cards or an important loan. In some instances, the benefits of ITC Clearance also improve your chances for better insurance rates and give you more power in negotiating with creditors on certain repayment and interest terms - this is especially the case when investing in a home purchase, where interest rates can be very high and require careful consideration.

At Ayoba Loans, it is first and foremost our priority to provide a trustworthy and effective ITC Clearance service to South African consumers. The ITC Clearance process usually takes under 3 months, during which time we are available to give you valuable advice and guidance as far as your finances are concerned. Once done, you will receive your ITC Clearance Certificate, indicating that your debts have been settled and that your credit score is clear.