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How ITC Clearance Helps You - Ayoba Loans
A poor ITC score serves as a warning


For most South Africans, having debt is simply the unavoidable reality of day to day life. While we may work hard to ensure that our debt never becomes unmanageable, life is unpredictable at best and can quickly turn a stable financial situation into a storm of unpaid creditors resulting in a bad credit rating for you. Being identified as a bad lender will lead to you receiving a negative ITC outcome whenever applying for new credit or loans.

When you apply for credit, your creditor will run an ITC check to ensure that you are a safe and reliable consumer. The credit record they will receive will include information regarding your personal details, your payment record over the past 24 months, any judgements or court payment orders against your name, as well as any red flags in your financial past. If you have a history of late, short or missed payments, the chances of your credit application being denied are high, as receiving a poor ITC score serves as a warning to creditors that you are a bad lender. However, all is not lost. At Ayoba Loans, we specialize in ITC Clearance and Credit Clearance services to help our clients improve their credit score and obtain a Clearance Certificate to help them qualify for proper and safe financing once again.

If you are experiencing the struggle of being over-indebted, our team can assist you in overcoming the financial roadblocks preventing you from accessing proper financing. Our expert team can provide South African consumers with a total debt of R30 000 or less and not under Debt Review with a customised credit solution based on what they can afford. Our service is comprehensive and includes: a detailed assessment of your credit reports with all credit bureaus you are associated with, collecting and evaluating relevant ITC reports, overseeing the removal of judgements and debt review flags on your name, and familiarising ourselves with your past and current financial circumstances as we begin the process of obtaining ITC Clearance.

As you move forward with the process, you must understand what will be expected of you. After the upfront and non-refundable payment of R500, Ayoba Loans will supply you with a breakdown of monies owed to creditors and what will need to be paid (monthly or as a lump sum) to be cleared on ITC. Please note - it is up to you to ensure that you follow the plan set out for you.

Although a poor ITC credit score serves as a warning to potential creditors, Ayoba Loans can help you overcome the boundaries of a poor credit score. Our efficient and transparent services are designed to help you obtain an updated credit score and a Clearance Certificate, giving you the financial freedom you deserve.