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The ITC Clearance Process - Ayoba Loans
The ITC Clearance Process


Take the correct and most effective steps towards clearing your name from debt, with Ayoba Loans’ transparent and reliable ITC Clearance Process. Removing judgements, defaults and debt review flags from your name, as well as clearing your name from ITC, can have a positive impact on your life and your financial independence.

As a consumer who has struggled with debt repayments in the past, you may find that you are now on the right path financially, but still cannot clear your credit report and get approved from a home loan or vehicle financing. Any future steps you take towards big purchases and financial investments will involve credit checks from reputable credit providers, which is why repairing your credit report is so important. The ITC Clearance Process involves our team expertly assessing your credit reports with all credit bureaus, so that we can ensure all paid adverse accounts are dealt with and removed. If your debt is under R30 000 and you are not actively undergoing debt counselling or debt review, then our ITC Clearance service can make a massive difference in your life.

At Ayoba Loans, our expert team are well versed in the ITC Clearance Process, knowing exactly what needs to be done to erase your poor credit history and clear your name. Our fees are transparent, starting with a R500 payment upfront that allows us to collect and evaluate any relevant ITC Reports and familiarize ourselves with your financial history and current financial circumstances. Before we officially begin the ITC Clearance process, it is first necessary for us to attain this information, so that we can quote you correctly for all costs involved in clearing your name on ITC – we also outline all costs payable to your creditors as part of this process, which you can choose to approach with monthly instalments or else as one all-inclusive payment.

Just as every client that we work with is facing unique setbacks that make ITC Clearance important to them, our approach differs to accommodate your needs comfortably. In order to benefit from the ITC Clearance Process, you need to be willing to make the effort and pay off your debt as soon as possible. If you are able to improve your spending and lifestyle behaviours and honour your debts on time and in full, this will go a long way in bettering your credit score. While undergoing this form of credit rehabilitation, the relevant credit bureaux’s must remove any defaults or summary judgements from your name.

Once we have been successful in the ITC Clearance Process, you will receive a new credit report/clearance certificate, where your name is cleared and you are again free to apply for credit or store cards, as well as other forms of financing. We will gladly advise you on effective money and debt management techniques, so that you can avoid falling into a debt trap once again.